== History ==
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In the beginning when Apollon created the Elven people, some were made High Elves and given the charge of bringing life to the land and its inhabitants. To complete this task the Ethereals taught them how to bring healing through the use of the leylines and nodes, tapping into the world's magical energies. Being Elves, their natural lifespan was longer than most. When combining long life with their healing abilities, the High Elves gained a unique perspective on life, the world, and their cycles. With their extended years and special abilities, the Healers, as they're often called, are greatly respected for their knowledge and wisdom.

As the Great War began, many of the Healers worked for one side or the other while others became secluded and remained completely neutral. Those involved in the war didn't intend to support either side; they only intended to keep balance in the world and keep true to their heritage of bringing life and healing. However, by joining the armies and witnessing the carnage around them, many soon found themselves changing. Equipped with new battle knowledge, these healers became not only givers of life, but battle-hardened warriors. Some became warrior Clerics, and those who also mastered the bow, became Archers. Throughout the war they played a pivotal role as both warrior and healer.

Now, as fighting again wages across Iris, the need for Healers is great. Both sides are actively recruiting the High Elf Healers to their cause. Will you choose a side or remain true to the original calling and give your gifts freely to all? Only you can decide your fate.