Iris is the land created from the magic of two gods. Apollon, the god of light, and Eres, the god of Darkness. Once they saw to it that everything needed in a world was created, they went back to their respective realms.

Elves and Apollon Edit

To populate the world, Apollon created the Elves born out of his love and care for all living things.

Healer Staff Small

A elf healer

Humans and Eres Edit

From Eres, Humans were created to be ambitious, anxious to explore and enjoy the world they lived in. Knight Dual

War Edit

Occasionaly, the gods visited Iris. When Apollon came everyone cheered for him, but when Eres came, nothing happened, if anything the mortals became sad. Eventually, this caused Eres to launch an attack on Apollon.